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Our Mission & Philosophy

ResU provides real-world nursing, radiography, and HIIM education.

Our Mission is simple: Resurrection University, a Roman Catholic institution, prepares students for professional health care careers and provides undergraduate and graduate learning experiences that integrate personal and professional growth, compassionate service, and scholarly activities. We are committed to helping students gain the healthcare education they need to build successful nursing, radiography, and heath informatics and information management careers. It’s a commitment that started over 100 years ago.

Our Core Values



Compassion fosters in us sensitivity to the spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional needs of every individual inspiring each to find comfort and hope.



Accountability calls us to responsible stewardship of the human and material resources/assets of the organization.



Respect commits us to honor the diversity and dignity of each individual as a person created and loved by God and an inherently valuable member of the community.



Excellence empowers us to do our best in all that we do as we work individually and collectively to meet the needs of those we serve as well as our co-workers.



Service commits us to give of ourselves in order to respond appropriately to the needs of others.

Our Vision

Create an environment for members of the Resurrection University community for personal and professional transformation to respond to one’s call with conviction and live the values of justice, compassion, service and excellence.

Our Philosophy of Education

To further develop the students’ capacity for reflection and understanding of the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual well-being, enabling insight into their personal life and professional career: individually, locally and globally.

Our Commitment to Educational Excellence

At Resurrection University, we emphasize quality teaching and we value scholarly activity. We are dedicated to the development of individuals into knowledgeable, self-directed responsive and caring persons. For this reason, Resurrection University has adopted principles, compatible with the values of Presence Health.

Those who choose to become a member of the Resurrection University community agree to:

  • Develop and use intellectual capacities, skills and talents in service to humanity
  • Exhibit the Core Values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Service
  • Advocate for the pursuit of personal and academic excellence
  • Practice personal and academic integrity

All members of our community must embody these values, hold each other accountable for them, and not tolerate behaviors that disregard them.

Prayer Requests

As part of the Mission and Ministry’s role at Resurrection University, we offer prayer requests for those in need. Whether you would like support for a sick family member, a new life event, or something you’d like to keep personal, Sister Sandra Sosnowski, CSFN, extends the opportunity to share these requests with the Resurrection University community. Please email your prayer requests to her at

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