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Nine Positive Ways Your Life will Change as a ResU Graduate

As a graduate of Resurrection University, your life will change in many ways. You will:

1. Become a leader

within the profession.

2. Think critically by clarifying, integrating, and evaluating knowledge

based on theories, values and standards of professional service.

3. Communicate clearly, precisely and accurately

orally and in writing.

4. Actively engage in collaborative practices with other health care providers

as well as patients, families,  communities, and local and national government bodies.

5. Use your research skills

to guide practice and professional activities.

6. Become more culturally sensitive with expanded world viewpoints

after engaging in ResU’s renowned Service Learning program.

7. Demonstrate professional behaviors within practice settings and to the public at large

that reflect the standards of the profession and its regulatory bodies.

8. Become an active participant in professional organizations and in political processes

that promote health, well-being, and quality of life.

9. Engage in life-long learning

with life-long friends you’ll make at ResU!