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Financial aid is monetary funding to help students pay their education expenses (including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, etc.) while working toward an education degree at Resurrection University (ResU). The types of financial aid assistance we offer to meet your educational expenses are grants, scholarships, loans and part-time employment.

It is important for you to explore and understand all of the opportunities for assistance that are available. You should become familiar with the application procedures and deadlines associated with these opportunities. The Financial Aid Office is here to assist you with your educational financial planning.

When considering financial aid, get the big picture of your total estimated expenses by reviewing ResU’s Financial Aid Cost of Attendance for HIIM students or our Cost of Attendance for Nursing Program Students. The Cost of Attendance (COA) reflects a student’s anticipated allowable educational expenses for a nine month academic year. The COA is basically a budget tool which includes tuition and fees, and an average cost for books, supplies, room and board, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. The Office of Financial Aid uses this COA when calculating a student’s eligibility for financial aid. The student’s total amount of financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships, and outside assistance) cannot exceed their COA.

Students interested in the Federal and State grants or loans can begin the financial aid process by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and including ResU school code 022141. The FAFSA is available January 1st of each year for the upcoming school year.

Please review all of the financial aid information on this website, as well as these four steps:

FAQ – Get Answers Apply – Get Started Review – Review your reward and complete the process Organize – Important information to remember