Resurrection University is committed to partnering with the research community.

Research is a key component of leadership in healthcare. Resurrection University aims to hold an active role in supporting research at every opportunity. The Resurrection University Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews potential research projects in conformance with federal regulations. The ResU IRB works to ensure that all research conducted by members of our community, or by people outside of the ResU community, meet the highest scientific and ethical standards. The IRB specifically assures the safety and welfare of the people who participate as subjects.

Purpose Statement:

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) will serve the institution’s mission by reviewing and assuring compliance with all policies and ethical principles for research with human participants as outlined in the Resurrection policy and in 45 CFR Part 46 (also known as the “Common Rule”) for all research and quality assurance projects that involve Resurrection University students, staff, faculty, or are conducted on University campuses and extensions of the campus.

With respect to internal survey research, a proposal must be submitted to the Office of Institutional Research for all internal survey research related to operational activities and internal management. This includes: research surveys conducted for program evaluation, quality improvement and assurance studies, program auditing, and marketing studies. The IRB will determine if the research proposal for internal purposes qualifies an exempt IRB review or if the research proposal must progress to a formal IRB review process.

All research or quality assurance projects that involve data that are protected by law must have IRB approval before data can be collected or accessed.


Getting Started:

Prior to completing your IRB Application please read the information below. Failure to consider these three points carefully may result in your application being returned without review.

  1. All investigators (student or faculty) must complete NIH or CITI Human Subjects Protection in Research training prior to preparing the IRB application. A certificate of completion for all investigators will be required with your application.
  2. Carefully read the IRB Review Categories descriptions and refer to the federal regulations 45 CFR Part 46 to determine which category of review will likely apply to your study.
  3. Review the examples and guidelines for the informed consent process and the utilization of incentives before writing your application. This information is critical to the IRB review process, and copies of your developed informed consent, survey instructions and/or oral consent scripts, and methods of incentivizing must be included in the application.

Students:  All IRB submissions must have a supervising faculty advisor signature included as an investigator. The IRB cannot accept applications, modifications, continuing reviews, or study closure reports without faculty signatures. Please be sure to work closely with your faculty advisor or capstone committee chair when developing your application to reduce the chances of your application being returned without a review or without an approval.

Submission Guidelines

For all research and research-related activities involving human subjects, please download the appropriate application form.


IRB Application Checklist

IRB New Project Application Checklist


IRB Application Forms

New Projects IRB Application

Expedited IRB Review Form

Claim of Exemption Review Form

Please complete the application, the conflict of interest disclosure form, and the HIPAA Waiver form.


IRB Disclosure Forms

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure

HIPAA Waiver Form

Obtain copies of additional required documentation of NIH or CITI Training certification, FERPA training certification, and HIPAA training certification as appropriate.


Protection of Human Subjects Training

Training requirements that meet the Resurrection IRB requirement and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) education requirements are:

The NIH Online Training 

The CITI Basic Training Courses 

With the application, investigators will need to submit copies of the project proposal/research protocols, the informed consent, investigator scripts for providing instructions to participants or obtaining oral consent, copies of the survey instrument, and written permissions for instrument use when applicable. Utilize the application checklist to be sure that you have compiled all of the necessary information. You can obtain a project number from the chair of the IRB.

Obtain the appropriate signatures for the application form. Submit the completed and signed application as one pdf to the Institutional Review Board, as well as a hard copy of the application with wet signatures (original signed copies). Incomplete application forms will not be reviewed.

Please note that the review process can take time. Please allow AT LEAST two weeks for exempt review, expedited review, and return notification. A full board review can take three to four weeks, depending upon the complexity of the research protocols. When reaching out to the IRB Chair regarding a project under review by the IRB or a continuing study, please always use the project number in the subject line of the email. Additional questions can be addressed by your faculty advisor or the IRB Chair, Laurie Zack at 

Once your study has been approved, you must submit certain reports. If you have to change any part of your protocol after receiving approval, you must submit a Request to Amend Protocol form before you continue to collect data. Project approvals are for a period of one year. If you need an extension in order to complete your project, submit a Continuing Review form for approval of extension. Finally, once your study is complete, you must submit a Study Closure Report.


Approved Project Report forms

Request to Amend Protocol

Continuing Review

Study Closure Report

For questions regarding the need for IRB approval, please send an email to Laurie Zack, Director of Institutional Research at the IRB office or call 773-252-5150.